Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Lost Ring

OK, I'll admit right off the bat that this is absolutely nothing to do with Hellboy 2 - but it IS another ARG I've just discovered that has been running for a few months. The story is very dense, but don't be put off as this looks to be another very strong game, with a massive community already going strong. I just took a personality test in-game, and this is the result I got:

If anyone's reading this in London, come to the event on Sunday and I'll see you there!

Also, this is fun (and liable to cause explosions of happiness in anyone who A: plays video games B: grew up in the 80's or C: all of the above):

Visit the Official Game Site of Ghostbusters™ - The Video Game


thebruce said...

Welcome to the agonothetai ;)

there's also another wikibruce wiki here:


Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

Yeah, thanks, I've been absorbing as much of the information on that wiki as I can for the past six hours - it's insane how much detail is in this game! But also very awesome, I love it already.

thebruce said...

It's a ridiculously detailed game, that's for sure. :P I'm even struggling to keep up, and I'm sure the timeline's missing a number of significant events. But it's pretty cool... definitey makes you want to watch the opening/closing ceremonies at Beijing :)

Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

After even more reading (over at unfiction this time), I discover you're kind of a big deal in the ARG world! I guess that makes my new goal to be somewhat as established a player as you, but daaaaamn you set the bar high - plus, up until now I I'd just assumed the bruce in wikibruce was a coincidence *feels stupid*.

(Sorry, have had such an information download into my brain today that I'm overflowing a little here...)