Saturday, 3 May 2008

Lexi's Birthday Vlog!

So Lexi, as promised, posted another vlog today:

New HETFET Limericks & Video!

OK, two new limericks have been sent out via email - with the filenames 'smoking' and 'gun'

The first limerick, if you take the first letter from each line you get 'dutch', and the second, a fancy name for cats is felines.

Pancito over at unfiction then discovered this site:

(there is also a YouTube channel -

which features only this video:

Unknown Paranormal Creature - Weird Military - Chupacabra - For more of the funniest videos, click here

Creepy, but there doesn't seem to be any clues to glean from it.


HETFET just updated with a story about Mr. Del Toro joining their ranks! The transcription is here, but do make sure to visit to see for yourself:

Guillermo Del Toro Endorses HETFET
By Shera Vellotts

It is our great pleasure to announce that Guillermo Del Toro is now part of the HETFET family! Mr. Del Toro (or GDT as he’s affectionately known around here) is a vastly talented and award winning filmmaker with an unflinching pursuit of pure art forms and a tireless devotion to his fans. When he believes in something, he’ll fight for it - which is exactly why HETFET is thrilled he has joined our ranks!

At HETFET, we couldn’t ask for a better spokesman and activist than GDT. We know some of our views are often controversial and there are many who think our methods are too extreme, but the bottom line is that there are creatures that need saving, and if a few noses are bent along the way, we believe that’s a price that must be paid. GDT shares those views, and has agreed to devote his time and resources to help make the world aware of HETFET and our cause.

“HETFET methods may seem extreme- but their raids to medical labs have libertated more pixies and Tooth Fairies than decades of negotiations with the Food and Cosmetics industries. Troll skins fetch extraodrdinary prices in the Eastern European black market and this money finances illegal Troll Farms and many sordid activities perpetrated on the Fairy Folk. On the other hand, every time HETFET manages to have a fundraiser, their tally comes up to a pittance. Their only resort is activism. We must not rest until the last Troll can feel the moss of the Old Country under its webbed feet, in freedom, in acceptance and in peace.” - GDT

We encourage everyone to check out and become part of our ever-growing community of members who, just like you, are willing to allow HETFET into their hearts and minds and have made the decision to make a difference in this world. Thank you, GDT, and please know that every troll, elf and pixie life we save is, in part, due to your gracious philanthropy.

Since Doorways Are A Big Deal

Here's another production sketch from the movie, with a little commentary this time;

Giant Doorway {Francisco} - This drawing was done by Wayne Barlowe, although I'm sure Mike Mignola had a big part in this design. The general idea is that this stone giant has been lying in the ground for hundreds of years and the erosion has badly damage it. In his belly is a doorway to the magical realm.

GDT: I wanted the doorway to be special and I felt this was a chance to do a Harryhausen-esque moment. So I asked Mike to sketch a broken stone giant and then tweaked his face to be a bit more like the Angkor Wat ruins. Originally the doorway was through a twisted tree but that was too close to Pan's Labyrinth...

Gallery6 Image

Hellboy 2 Wallpapers! UPDATED

Another little treat while we're waiting for the game to pick up again: wallpapers!

These are all at 1024x768 and, as always, to grab them just right-click and save them to see them full-size!

Wallpaper2 (1024) Image

Wallpaper3 (1024) Image

Wallpaper1 (1024) Image

Wallpaper4_1024x768 Image

Wallpaper5_1024x768 Image

wallpaper_6_1024x768 Image

red_room_musician Image

wallpaper_7_1024x768 Image

wallpaper_8_1024x768 Image

Troll Barber Image

Email_Signature1 Image

Email_Signature2 Image

Email_Signature3 Image

Buddy Icon4 Image

Buddy Icon3 Image

Buddy Icon2 Image

Buddy Icon1 Image

Friday, 2 May 2008

Lexi Vlog: An Interesting Shirt?

OK, Lexi posted another vlog yesterday - there's nothing to get worked up about here, but it's worth noting that she makes a big fuss about her shirt, which depicts a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream, the fact that it's her birthday tomorrow (noted in the comments section) and that she's promised to post another vlog at some point this weekend (check the description of the video).

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Those HETFET limericks in full:

Again, I grabbed these from Pikachuchu's blog (as she was far quicker off the mark in cataloguing this whole thing than me), which you can visit at:

In brackets after each I've put a couple of comments, most of them are just speculation and should be treated as such.

Limerick 1:

An abomination hath been done,
The wheels of motion turned and spun,
A quarter moon past,
Time runneth fast,
Our countdown already begun.

(The original limerick, which seems to infer nothing more than that we are to keep an eye on the site. Which we did.)

Limerick 2:

Rise up prepare to act,
The future is bleak in fact,
Unite as one,
Oh earthly son,
Protect the ancient pact

(Again, this one seems to just be an indication that we are to keep watching the site - as they can, and did, make updates and changes.)

Limerick 3:

From light they often make stone,
Time for us all to atone,
Years of abuse,
From persons obtuse,
One nine of a month yet unknown.

(This one seems to indicate a date - one nine of a month yet unkown (i.e. the 19th of something) - which makes no sense until the fifth limerick)

Limerick 4:

A very dark day in our prime,
Our planet is covered in grime,
Pray hear our concern,
All ye to learn,
Five plus one less than a dime.

(This one gives us another sum, which comes to 14 - as of yet we've had no use for it.)

Limerick 5:

Four out of twelve leads the way,
Twenty less one points the day,
Of primary concern,
For thou to learn,
Fine creatures are dismay.

(This one was easy and fairly explicit - four of twelve, well that's months, so April. Twenty less one, that's 19. April 19th. When we went back to HETFET on April 19th, it had opened!)

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Beserker

In honour of the third TSD code, a production drawing of the Beserker...

Gallery2 Image

The Secret Device - 3rd Code!

Thanks to pikachuchu at unfiction for pointing this out (check her blog out:;

A video response to Lexi Lloyd's vlog about dreams and doors features something very strange:

Notice the numbers in the top left of the footage: 07-01-89

Rearranging these numbers gives you 1-89-7 aka the third The Secret Device code. What you are given then is very interesting, and if it's a clue it's much less explicit than the previous two codes. The only information I could glean from it is the Panatrog logo, and the name 'Cave Beserker'.

The website has three password entry boxes, respectively, each box fits 4,9 and 7 letters/numbers. Now, this might be just coincidence, but Cave (4) and Beserker (9) fit the first two boxes very nicely.

That still doesn't help us much, since a third word is missing, but let's keep looking...

Hellboy Online Comic

I'll be updating this as the pages are released, but check this out - the first five pages of a new Hellboy comic!

(I know the images are a little difficult to read, but if you right-click and save the images you'll get WAY bigger ones when you open them)

Fun Stuff1 Image

Fun Stuff2 Image

Fun Stuff3 Image

Fun Stuff4 Image

Fun Stuff5 Image

Mike Mignola's Set Visit

While the ARG is taking a breather, enjoy this:

A little old, but for completions sake...

Here's Mr. Del Toro at a HETFET protest:

Weird German video - possible troll?

All about the ARG/Viral

This is going to be a kind of 'Hellboy ARG' guide for beginners, a launching pad so people can get up to speed.

It all kicked off when the Hellboy 2 trailer was released on the movies official website ( - at the end of it is the following picture:

Save the Trolls. Join

(that's a working link that'll take you to the site by the way)

Initially, didn't have anything on it, just the logo and a limerick about a countdown. Over the next couple of days we noticed that the limericks would change, until we had five different ones randomly appearing each time you refreshed the page (I'll post an update with the limericks in full later). Anyway, the last limerick indicated very heavily that something would happen on April 19th. Which it did. opened up and became the site you now see today.

It's a pretty cool looking site, but (I don't know about anyone else) I was immediately drawn to 'The Secret Device' element on the front page. That's probably because it's an involuntary human reaction to look at signs like 'secret', 'forbidden', 'do not enter', 'danger: risk of electrocution and death' and be uncontrollably drawn towards them, ignoring any warning it might imply.

The device is here:

As you will see, it's a combination lock. Just a very pretty one. The first code was practically handed to us on a plate, as the first thing we all started doing was spinning the numbers, and after a few seconds of doing that we realised the lights lit up on certain numbers. We lit all three lights up with the code 7-11-8 (release date of Hellboy 2) and we were given a new website to check out:

Lexi Lloyd's blog. She's a girl who's very into fairies and being eco-friendly etc. A link on one of her blog entries takes us to her YouTube page, which is where most of the good stuff has been so far:

This was her first video:

At first there was a little bit of doubt over whether she was even part of the game, but a couple of videos later we got this:

Those numbers at the end look suspicious....? That's right, they're a new code for The Secret Device (you gotta rearrange them so it's 12-23-44 - Hellboy's birthday)!

That then led us to:

with a password entry that, as of yet, no-one has been able to crack. We've also had a report on Augustine Pharamaceuticals from hetfet, discussing a new beauty product called 'uthyntrol', which led us to:

which has only a scrap of information which so far we haven't found a use for. Recently, hetfet posted a report on Fairy Farm Factories (FFF's), but again, no clues have been spotted. Finally, you might have noticed the lights at the bottom of The Secret Device. These have been lighting up progressively to indicate that a new code is active (i.e. when hetfet first opened, only the first light was illuminated) - there are now three lights lit up, which means a third combination is active, we just haven't discovered it yet. Lexi recently posted another video, but we've again come up short on the hunt for clues within it.

And that's where we are up to now :)

Let's start at the beginning. Nearly.

So here's the first trailer. As if anyone hadn't seen it...

First Post

Righto - Have just decided to get in on this Hellboy blog campaign, so I'm gonna be updating this as often as I can with whatever new developments hit the marketing and/or viral campaigns (although I guess they're one and the same thing).

As well as that, expect a healthy amount of procrastinating, conjecture and pure speculation while we wait for the ARG to throw us a frickin' bone!

Stay very tuned.