Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Secret Device - 3rd Code!

Thanks to pikachuchu at unfiction for pointing this out (check her blog out: hellboyfilm.over-blog.com);

A video response to Lexi Lloyd's vlog about dreams and doors features something very strange:

Notice the numbers in the top left of the footage: 07-01-89

Rearranging these numbers gives you 1-89-7 aka the third The Secret Device code. What you are given then is very interesting, and if it's a clue it's much less explicit than the previous two codes. The only information I could glean from it is the Panatrog logo, and the name 'Cave Beserker'.

The panatrog.org website has three password entry boxes, respectively, each box fits 4,9 and 7 letters/numbers. Now, this might be just coincidence, but Cave (4) and Beserker (9) fit the first two boxes very nicely.

That still doesn't help us much, since a third word is missing, but let's keep looking...


Nichole Angelina said...

UNKNOWN is 7 letters long

Anonymous said...

Grey Elephant denmark
gets you into the panatrog site