Saturday, 3 May 2008

Hellboy 2 Wallpapers! UPDATED

Another little treat while we're waiting for the game to pick up again: wallpapers!

These are all at 1024x768 and, as always, to grab them just right-click and save them to see them full-size!

Wallpaper2 (1024) Image

Wallpaper3 (1024) Image

Wallpaper1 (1024) Image

Wallpaper4_1024x768 Image

Wallpaper5_1024x768 Image

wallpaper_6_1024x768 Image

red_room_musician Image

wallpaper_7_1024x768 Image

wallpaper_8_1024x768 Image

Troll Barber Image

Email_Signature1 Image

Email_Signature2 Image

Email_Signature3 Image

Buddy Icon4 Image

Buddy Icon3 Image

Buddy Icon2 Image

Buddy Icon1 Image

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