Friday, 30 May 2008

You've All Seen This Already

But! I haven't posted it up until now, and I figured it'd be nice to look at while we wait for the next clue.

Tell Me This Isn't Awesome

This comes from Empire (hence the massive sticker saying so) - I'm adding this to my list of 'I reeeeally want that Hellboy 2 poster'.

Those Panatrog Documents (And The New Cat Lady One)

For those who can't see them, here are the most recent documents from Panatrog, notice that the Cat Lady one mentions a 'close proximity to L Loyd'...

I've also made a link in the right hand column, so that you can see all of the 'rollover' documents in one place. This is so that there is a place where I can post future documents without revealing them on the main page, so that it doesn't spoil it for the people who want to go to the site and see it for themselves but that there is also a place where people who for some reason can't see them, can.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

New Panatrog Document - 'Original Pact'

Head over to Panatrog, a new document has been released, and it goes into a little detail on what looks to be the pact between humanity and the Sons of the Earth...

Oooooo... Spooky! (Quest Shaun Solved)

Thanks to Tara for this one - I was dragged away to do 'real work' before I could do any real digging into what 'QUEST SHAUN' meant. Turns out it's a YouTube username, and here is the only video he/she has posted so far:

WEIRD! I reckon it's the troll market (as I'm sure a lot of other people do). Stranger still, does this mean anything?


Written in the video description box, is it really just random letters/numbers or is it a code?

UPDATED - OK, so thebruce's kung fu is way better than mine. Use this tool to translate the text, and then ask yourself one question: to who? (I just sent Lexi a message about it, maybe it'll spark something off? Who knows...)

And here I've got (unrelated to the game mind you) another YouTube video featuring interviews with a bunch of the key players responsible for HB2:

8th Code Active (And Solved)!

The 8th code just went active, and thanks to liam for making me highlight what turned out to be the solution a couple of posts ago (have a little look at the post on the last dutchfelines vid).

We get another creature to have a look at, another 'hidden' rune (C) and, most interestingly, a message written in runes that appear one at a time. For those who want to work it out, I'm about to show the translation so SPOILERS on.

Still here? Look away if you don't want to be!

The runes read 'QUEST SHAUN'. What this means, I don't know, I just figured it out and haven't yet given a lot of thought as to what it applies to - my first thought is that it's somehow meant to fit in with the other word we've been getting a letter at a time (i.e. the one that's obviously gonna spell UNLOCK). Maybe we're supposed to 'unlock shaun quest'?

Stay tuned for more.

UPDATED - A big thanks to the HETFETters who dropped me a line about this! I managed to catch this one just as it went live so was eagerly chipping away at the puzzle before I had a chance to see that you guys had told me about it. And a huge well done to all of you too, after checking HETFET I see that a few of you beat me to it by about half an hour :)

UPDATED AGAIN! Lilitu over at HETFET spotted some numbers in the top right of the latest TSD reward: 837243 (you have to look pretty carefully, I'm glad someone's got eagle eyes). Maybe it'll come in handy, who knows?

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Lexi 's 3 Weird Things

Lexi just posted a new vlog, talking about strange goings on... She's told us about two of them before, but the cat lady thing really is weird.

Who sent you?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Panatrog Update & Lexi's On Twitter

The 4th document on Panatrog is now open (just roll your mouse over it to see it - anyone has any problems, let me know and I'll post it, otherwise I won't ruin the act of discovery for you) - I think we just got our first solid link to the BPRD! (Check out the Tom Manning and 'Abe' mentions)

Also, a couple of people over at HETFET were sent email invitations by Lexi to join and follow her on Twitter. I didn't get the invite but, not wanting to be left out, I went and signed up anyway. This way we'll get regular updates as to what Lexi's doing, and as such it's a good idea for everyone to do it. Her username is lexilloyd.

(feel free to follow me too, my username is sowasred2012)

dutchfelines Strikes Again!

dutchfelines hit us with another training video very recently which, among other things, tells us that SET stands for Sons of the Earth Troll. There's another acronym introduced too: SPOT, but the we don't find out what the T stands for...

(This comes from the video description box)

I am no longer the Only One.
WARNING: What is our government up to. This deals with very strange and disturbing subject matter - it may shock you. However this is not my reason for posting it. I have come across this from sources that I am not allowed to disclose. This movie is about just what the title states, that is all I can say. Strange bizarre footage that seems to delve into the unexplained. This movie shows clips that are REAL. You of course may judge for yourself. I posted this for the people who dare to seek the truth as I do, you know who you are, the open minded folk. I also posted it to show things that are happening around you that you dont know about. Now and in the past. Knowing, understanding, and searching truth is the reason I have taken great risk to show you this.

NOTE to all: I have not filmed these videos myself. I am just exposing the truth and what is real.
I've taken this screengrab for everyone to check out (from the video at 01:10, thanks to liam for pointing it out), as it's another direct link to the BPRD and what looks like it might be a code - so bear it in mind!

Monday, 26 May 2008


As promised, here is the link to Elizabeth's Facebook profile (she needs to confirm you as a friend before you can see it).

This is the picture that was posted on her profile, the one which gave us half of the code:

You have to tinker around with the colours in Photoshop (you can just make it out if you only have Paint) to see the code clearly.

In honour of Ms. Moora, here's her namesake:

bethmoora_concept Image

Bethmoora Concept Matte Painting
Guillermo del Toro: This painting was done by Deak Ferrand who, in my mind, is the greatest living matte painter. We did numerous sketches of the original concept. I wanted Bethmoora to feel very organic and have buildings fused with the rocks of an immense cave.

Bethmoora is a dead city, covered in ashes, with a bright crimson building at its core. In designing all the magical families in the film, I demanded that we all stay away from any Celtic motifs or that we "riff" them together with other influences. We used Oriental art as an inspiration, as well as the Middle and Far East, using Japanese armor and Islamic glyphs among other things, as inspiration. Bethmoora had to have that Middle East flavor. That, and my admiration for the European comic book artist Nicolas De Crecy, guided this design.

Mike Mignola took a whack at it, Wayne Barlowe, Pablo Angeles, and Francisco Ruiz Velasco took a whack at it, and so did everybody else at the office, including myself (you don't wanna see that!) but Deak's painting is the one that came closest to it. This is only a taste - wait for the final...

And this. Because it's cool.

Character art - hellboy Image

7th Code - One That Works!

Big thanks to Oogie and Truffula for figuring this out (and again to Oogie for dropping me a line - cheers dude!).

Apparently Elizabeth Moora has a Facebook profile (I'll post a link to the profile or picture when she confirms my pending friend request), where she posted a picture with the numbers:


Another picture, found on the gallery had the numbers:


Then, all you have to do (I say 'all you have to do', only I probably wouldn't have thought of it...) is stack the numbers on top of each like so:


and then read them vertically, so you get 10-3-17. Hey presto, the 7th (working!) code. We have the 4th rune now also, which is 'O'. Well done guys!

Issues With The 7th Code

I resisted posting about this in case The Powers That Be moved quickly to set us back on the right track but, as many of you already know, the 7th combination WAS unlocked for an incredibly short period of time (thebruce has the results on his wiki) - so it is possible to discover what was revealed, including the hidden rune.

However, for whatever reason, the code doesn't work now (although inputting any of the other codes will make the 7th light fully illuminated). Whether this is because of a glitch or because the code was only supposed to open for a limited number of people (I doubt this is the case, as there hopefully would have been something to indicate as much) I don't know, and until I hear any new developments on the issue I won't be posting information on the rewards since at the minute I feel they could be considered game spoilers, or a breach of the game.