Monday, 26 May 2008


As promised, here is the link to Elizabeth's Facebook profile (she needs to confirm you as a friend before you can see it).

This is the picture that was posted on her profile, the one which gave us half of the code:

You have to tinker around with the colours in Photoshop (you can just make it out if you only have Paint) to see the code clearly.

In honour of Ms. Moora, here's her namesake:

bethmoora_concept Image

Bethmoora Concept Matte Painting
Guillermo del Toro: This painting was done by Deak Ferrand who, in my mind, is the greatest living matte painter. We did numerous sketches of the original concept. I wanted Bethmoora to feel very organic and have buildings fused with the rocks of an immense cave.

Bethmoora is a dead city, covered in ashes, with a bright crimson building at its core. In designing all the magical families in the film, I demanded that we all stay away from any Celtic motifs or that we "riff" them together with other influences. We used Oriental art as an inspiration, as well as the Middle and Far East, using Japanese armor and Islamic glyphs among other things, as inspiration. Bethmoora had to have that Middle East flavor. That, and my admiration for the European comic book artist Nicolas De Crecy, guided this design.

Mike Mignola took a whack at it, Wayne Barlowe, Pablo Angeles, and Francisco Ruiz Velasco took a whack at it, and so did everybody else at the office, including myself (you don't wanna see that!) but Deak's painting is the one that came closest to it. This is only a taste - wait for the final...

And this. Because it's cool.

Character art - hellboy Image

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