Friday, 30 May 2008

Those Panatrog Documents (And The New Cat Lady One)

For those who can't see them, here are the most recent documents from Panatrog, notice that the Cat Lady one mentions a 'close proximity to L Loyd'...

I've also made a link in the right hand column, so that you can see all of the 'rollover' documents in one place. This is so that there is a place where I can post future documents without revealing them on the main page, so that it doesn't spoil it for the people who want to go to the site and see it for themselves but that there is also a place where people who for some reason can't see them, can.

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Crimsong19 said...

My guess is that Panatrog was formed to maintain the truce. Or something along those lines because the Panatrog logo looks eerily like the etching/scraping of the crown attached to the letter about the pact.