Thursday, 29 May 2008

Oooooo... Spooky! (Quest Shaun Solved)

Thanks to Tara for this one - I was dragged away to do 'real work' before I could do any real digging into what 'QUEST SHAUN' meant. Turns out it's a YouTube username, and here is the only video he/she has posted so far:

WEIRD! I reckon it's the troll market (as I'm sure a lot of other people do). Stranger still, does this mean anything?


Written in the video description box, is it really just random letters/numbers or is it a code?

UPDATED - OK, so thebruce's kung fu is way better than mine. Use this tool to translate the text, and then ask yourself one question: to who? (I just sent Lexi a message about it, maybe it'll spark something off? Who knows...)

And here I've got (unrelated to the game mind you) another YouTube video featuring interviews with a bunch of the key players responsible for HB2:

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nightmare said...

Quest Shaun = Question

that's my theory