Monday, 26 May 2008

Issues With The 7th Code

I resisted posting about this in case The Powers That Be moved quickly to set us back on the right track but, as many of you already know, the 7th combination WAS unlocked for an incredibly short period of time (thebruce has the results on his wiki) - so it is possible to discover what was revealed, including the hidden rune.

However, for whatever reason, the code doesn't work now (although inputting any of the other codes will make the 7th light fully illuminated). Whether this is because of a glitch or because the code was only supposed to open for a limited number of people (I doubt this is the case, as there hopefully would have been something to indicate as much) I don't know, and until I hear any new developments on the issue I won't be posting information on the rewards since at the minute I feel they could be considered game spoilers, or a breach of the game.

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Anonymous said...

Hey SoWas,

Check the "Spoilers" section at Hetfet Forums... I think we have it now!!!