Saturday, 24 May 2008

Meet Wink

This is the guy that wrote the letter to Nuada. You've all seen him in the trailer, now you can put a name to his face.

Characters3 Image


Anonymous said...

Hey SoWas,

Don't take my post at Hetfet the wrong way... I was just trying to get them to move things along a little...

That being said, if there has been a bug, we SHOULD have heard from an Admin by now, one way or the other... Obviously, theBruce's code wasn't the one, or the Admins would have "X'd" it out and asked him to move his "spoiler" to the appropriate thread...

Speaking of which, I think it would be fair to say that our PMs are operating in the "Western" time zone in the US, as just about all the things that we get hit with happen in that time frame... Hehe, they're probably off for the weekend for Memorial Day... (Universal "wage-slaves" and all...)


Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

No worries dude, I just think it might not be a good idea to incur the wrath of the GM's lest they call a premature end to the game.

I figure we haven't heard off them because even GM's are allowed a holiday every now and again :)