Sunday, 18 May 2008

Keep Your Eyes Open

It seems a couple of people have figured out the 6th code but, since it looks like that was done purely through perseverance (i.e. manually trying thousands of combinations) rather than waiting for the game to lead us to it, I won't post it here yet.

Anyway, here's a couple of pieces of production art that will appear relevant when we do get the code:

Gallery5 Image

Fish Monger Francisco Ruiz Velasco: Guillermo likes to bounce ideas from one artist to another and in the end you have a mix of ideas and styles. The original idea of this character came from the genius of Wayne Barlowe; it's a beautiful pencil sketch. I was asked to render the same drawing in color - my only addition is the tank on his back. Guillermo del Toro: My proclivity to cephalopods is too intense to resist. This guy did get a close-up in the film...

Gallery9 Image

Limb vendor {Francisco} This is also based on Wayne Barlow’s design. I was asked to remove all the skin parts and replace them with more costumes. (I love that big hand on his back)within the chamber: "Seventy times seventy soldiers".

Gallery11 Image

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