Tuesday, 20 May 2008


I posted a wallpaper of this guy already (check out the column on the right for the link to those), but here's a production sketch of it, with a little commentary.

Street Musician {Francisco} This is one of Wayne Barlowe's sketches. It is a creature for the Troll Market. GDT: Each artist was free to bring forth as many sketches of creatures as they wanted. The only condition was to veer away from "movie monsters" and make the creatures more surreal and exotic, reference things other than film: Engravings from the Middle Ages, Hieronymus Bosch, The Arabian Tales, etc, etc Barlowe had the best batting average... 8 out of 10 of his designs made it to the screen. But we treated these creatures like extras. We SELDOM, if ever showcased them- I felt this was crucial to treat the market like you would any other location... to make it real...

Gallery10 Image

And then there's this - not really relevant to anything going on in the game at the minute, but who doesn't love the Big Baby?

Bigbaby_concept Image

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