Thursday, 22 May 2008

It's Been A Slow Couple Of Days...

So I thought I'd post these. They're nothing to do with the game, but figured you guys would like them anyway, something to chew on while we wait for the next phase of the game:

about_character_bio_1 Image

about_character_bio_2 Image

And then there's this picture, just cos I like seeing Liz and Red together:

Characters1 Image


Alison Robin said...

As long as we're waiting, how about some speculation? :)

I always wondered why, if he's a psychometrist, he couldn't look at his own past and realize who he really was.

Then again I think that would just depress him.

Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

Forgive my ignorance but I don't know what or who is a psychometrist...

I'm kinda guessing Abe, but my knowledge of the Hellboy mythos only extends as far as the movies (I've been a Marvel whore for the larger part of my life, recently started branching out to Vertigo) - so I've no idea who Abe 'is'.

A little enlightenment maybe...?

Alison Robin said...

Psychometry is being able to touch something and then know about it with psychic powers.
In the comics, he isn't psychic, just a fish man.
His original name was Langdon Everett Caul. He was an American sailor (a very rich one) who had buddies over in England. All of this was early in the US's history but I never checked to see if he was before or after the [American] revolutionary war. He had a wife, too.
Anyway, he was in this group of pseudo-scientists, and they called themselves the Oannes club.
They madea submarine at some point and Caul found this jewel-egg thing under water (what it is isn't ver actually explained) and when he shows his buddies he goes unconscious and his buddies put him in a tank and leave him there. After he went missing, his wife killed herself.
He found out about this just recently in the comics. Turns out his buddies were mad scientists living on an island. He blew it up.

Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

Whoah - that's pretty heavy...

Alison Robin said...

And as for Johann (I don't know if they'll change this for the movie) was a psychic medium in Germany. When he was outside of his body, his body got destroyed. He held his ectoplasm together until he could make it to the BPRD and they made a suit for him.