Friday, 16 May 2008

Lexi's Favourite Poem

Lexi just posted a new vlog - unless the poem is a clue, and it doesn't seem like it is since there's no numbers mentioned in regards to the sixth light, we're waiting for something else. Still, it's Lexi, so it's worth watching.

New HETFET Email

I and several other HETFET members just got this email:

Dear HETFET Member,

We knew something fishy was going on at Augustine Pharmaceuticals, and our worst fears have been confirmed. HETFET has recently discovered that Augustine's research facility was systematically farming and abusing trolls, in an attempt to extract their life giving marrow. The trolls at this facility were subjected to numerous atrocities, including several strange procedures and other painful and often fatal tests. It is still unknown exactly how many trolls died under these harsh conditions.

After a lengthy undercover operation conducted by one of HETFET's activists, we've done our part to hold Augustine Pharmaceuticals accountable for gross violations of ethics, federal law, and human decency. For their cruel and inhumane treatment of living creatures, Augustine has justly been shut down by local authorities, and formal charges are currently pending. But it's just not enough.

For too long, the cosmetics industry has received a "pass" from the mainstream media regarding the negligent testing of living creatures. We at HETFET ask you to boycott products that test on ANY living creature - no matter their origin or species.

United we are strong, and by banding together and pledging not to use products from any company on the "bad list," we CAN make a difference.

Lots of things are afoot inside the HETFET Forums, THE SECRET DEVICE and beyond... so check back often because together, we can make a difference.

For the trolls,

HETFET • Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies Elves and Trolls

Hellboy In Your Pocket

UPDATE - apparently these tones have gone missing, stay tuned and I'll see if I can't find them somewhere else...

A few of us webmasters were granted access to Red's private room the other day, whereupon we found a few extra special treats - I've posted the two wallpapers we found there already, and there are also some mp3's which would serve very nicely as text alert tones - thebruce is hosting them on his site, so get over there, download them and have Red spewing forth insults every time you receive a text message.

This Is Just Awesome

I'm a huge poster geek at the best of times, but I love this to bits. I gotta get me one of these.

(this was originally found on

Thursday, 15 May 2008

HETFET Mail Reveals Something Interesting...

BonnieRingtail over at the HETFET forums got this:

in the mail. Full of runes! Now, I'm no master code breaker, but fortunately another HETFET forum user, OogieBoogie, is. He suggested looking for the word 'Lloyd' in the document, and also gave us the last word 'Wink'. With a bit of effort, you can work the rest out from there. I'm gonna post the translation right now, so consider this a *SPOILER* warning if you'd prefer to get there yourself (not a bad idea, since you'd also end up with your own rune/alphabet conversion sheet).


Still here?

Here goes:

Master Nuada
Final missing crown piece located.
It at place called Blackwood.
Shaun Lloyd tricky, me no get him.
Me scout all passways.
Him must be stopped.
Him no escape realm.
Him know all at you command.

Shaun Lloyd? Lexi's father maybe? This could mean the phonecalls Lexi has been getting are him trying to communicate with her from the 'realm'. It could also mean those phonecalls are Wink and his cohorts attempting to zero in on Lexi, possibly to use her as leverage in getting the final crown piece from Shaun.

This is all speculation, but an exciting new lead nonetheless.

Um... This Is Pretty Freaky. And It's Also A Wallpaper.

I don't even know where to start with this. It creeps me out.

One other note, I'm updating the original wallpaper post as I go, so check that regularly for any you might have missed.

red_room_musician Image

Augustine Pharmaceuticals Got BUSTED...

HETFET just updated with a juicy exposé on Augustine Pharmaceuticals. We all knew they were up to no good.

Here's the transcript but, as ever, head on over to to see it for yourself:

Augustine Pharmaceuticals never knew what hit them.

Mariska Herring seemed like just another research assistant. For three months she worked with a team of scientists to improve the efficacy of Augustine’s best-selling anti-aging formula, Uthyntrol. In those three months she proved to be well-educated, bright, hard working, and friendly; just the sort of lab tech that Augustine dreams about. Unfortunately for them, she became their worst nightmare.

Unbeknownst to Augustine Pharmaceuticals, Herring worked undercover for the activist group Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies, Elves, and Trolls (HETFET). Her mission was simple: infiltrate and document anything suspicious regarding any “mystical creature.”

At first her mission appeared to be headed nowhere, bearing little fruit in the initial three months. Then late one recent night, while clandestinely exploring Augustine’s grounds, she stumbled upon something horrific — a secret underground troll farm beneath a massive bridge that passes over the Augustine compound. There she learned that Augustine was breeding trolls for their own ill purposes, often in cramped and unsanitary conditions.

For days, Herring fought her impulse to blow the whistle on Augustine. Instead she diligently documented the handling of the trolls as they were undernourished, physically abused by their handlers, and subjected to strange tests using Silver Nitrate. And just when she was ready to turn her research over to HETFET, she discovered the most horrifying truth of all — that Augustine was breeding trolls in their labs and then systematically destroying them. Why? Because the ultra-secret active ingredient used in making Uthyntrol was, believe it or not, troll marrow!

Horrified, she continued her investigation, and ultimately acquired shocking files that coldly described Augustine technicians surgically removing bone marrow from baby trolls… who sadly did not survive the procedure. Unbelievably, the men callously left this small pack of infants to die in their cramped holding hovels, their shocked mothers bearing witness to the atrocity. Having endured enough, Mariska disappeared from the job the following day and returned to HETFET to disclose her find.
A month later, her espionage work surfaced as the centerpiece in HETFET’s evidence against Augustine Pharmaceuticals. This evidence quickly caught the attention of the Columbus County District Attorney’s Office. Said District Attorney Agatha N. Olan, “Their [Augustine’s] actions are as inhumane and despicable as it gets. Rest assured this office will be bringing forth felony charges against them.”

On Sunday morning the Columbus Police Department, armed with a warrant, stormed the research facility, shutting down the entire complex. The District Court then ordered Augustine to immediately halt all Uthyntrol production and sales, while formal charges are pending.

Johann Wallpaper!

Quick update since I'm just on my out - thought you'd all like this since Johann's the only who's been notably absent from the collection of wallpapers on this blog. Enjoy!

I'll be back later with another update and some more cool stuff, so check back soon!

wallpaper_6_1024x768 Image

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

For All The Players Out There (Obviously I Mean Game Players, Rather Than A Colloquial Term For Men Who Pick Up Lots Of Women)

You guys are gonna love this - anyone with pop-up blockers, trust me, allow them from this site, it's worth it:

HETEFT's Call To Arms

OK, HETFET sent out another limerick, this time to, which promises a 'mighty gift'. This is obviously intended to draw more people into this wonderful game, and more power to the powers that be for doing this. Anyway, this qualifies as the 8th HETFET limerick:

I just hope us Brits are given the opportunity to give you US guys a run for your money :p

Lots Of Johann Love This Week

Once again, a piece of production art, this time a Johann-centric concept sketch:

johann_glove_concept Image

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Hellboy Sketches And More

A few more treats courtesy of the guys working on Hellboy 2:

HB_Bigbaby_concept Image

Hellboy with Big Baby
Guillermo del Toro: I wanted to give Hellboy a new piece of hardware, so I thought about a massive "Tex Avery" style gun that would be called "Big Baby," partly because I wanted the ammo to be as big as a Gerber jar. This sketch is by Francisco Ruiz Velasco but Pablo Angeles, a young, very talented Mexican artist, designed the final gun. Francisco is a renowned comic book artist but Pablo comes from a "fan" background. I met him in Mexico City and saw his artwork. Hellboy II is his first feature and I wanted him to get a full ticket - he is now living in London and working with Double Negative VFX.

grenade_concept Image

Magic Bean Grenade
Guillermo del Toro: The idea was to have the Prince pull out a weapon, a grenade that ejects only one - count it - one little, inoffensive bean. What grows from it... is another matter altogether.

Panatrog Busted Open!

Once again, another HUGE update was made while me and the rest of the UK was asleep.

First, there was a new video from Lexi where she talks about dreams and her dad and, most importantly, a riddle.

The riddle is pretty easy, since there's really only one answer. You should have three words (the second is pluralised). It looks like they might fit nicely into the Panatrog website, no? Of course they do, so head on over there and whack those babies in. Bingo bango, Panatrog is open!

Bear in mind that the fifth light on The Secret Device is illuminated, so we're looking for a code too. This didn't immediately smack me in the face, but rest assured that the code is there on the first page you see.

Have a peruse around the website, especially taking in the new video, then go over to The Secret Device and tap in the code. Bam, a history of troll markets (which you can also download, wanna bet this'll come in handy later?).

Monday, 12 May 2008

Desktop Bling (AKA Wallpapers)

Another couple of treats to trick your desktop and emails out with!

Wallpaper4_1024x768 Image

Wallpaper5_1024x768 Image

Email_Signature1 Image

Email_Signature2 Image

Email_Signature3 Image

Remember, right click and save them to your desktop to see them in their full-size glory!

What The Devil Is This?!

Again, the game caught me out while I was sleeping, so sorry for the late update but here we go, dutchfelines' latest video, check out the bizarre creature in the middle of it:

And here are some screengrabs from butterchik, our intrepid photographer, for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

The Ones Who Bump Back

Lexi is starting to freak out a little bit here, no new TSD clues, but check the possible implication that Lexi's dad may be, or may have been, part of the BPRD.