Friday, 16 May 2008

Lexi's Favourite Poem

Lexi just posted a new vlog - unless the poem is a clue, and it doesn't seem like it is since there's no numbers mentioned in regards to the sixth light, we're waiting for something else. Still, it's Lexi, so it's worth watching.


Alison Robin said...

Regardless of what it means (if anything at all) it goes:

more afraid of not flying than falling
more afraid of hiding my feelings than of bawling
more afraid to sit in silence than to speak up for myself
more afraid to sit bak and watch others than to stick up for someone else
more afraid to close my mind than to open my eyes and see
more afraid to close my heart than to let end diversity
more afraid of not trying than failing
more afraid of not thinking than letting my imagination go sailing
more afraid to settle for less than striving
more afraid of not living than of dying

and I can find no record of the poet, Brook A. Morris anywhere.

Alison Robin said...

There's a new video on panatrog that I've never seen before with regards to one of the doors. It looks like the camera guy knows what he's doing- he narrates the whole thing and at the bottom of the footage it says, "INT SYS REF" and I suspect it stands for "internal system reference" and the panatrog emblem.

Alison Robin said...

Sorry, one more thing. The uthyntrol site changed the 'primary ingredient' from 'bat wings' to 'SILVER NITRATE' all in caps. Could be nothing, but I still think the whole silver nitrate thing is important.

Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

Re: the Panatrog vid - it's been there since the site opened but, after the periodic table fiasco, I'm not overlooking anything now - we're not able to put a 7th code in yet, but I converted all the letters in INT SYS REF to numbers and added them up (since the format fits the TSD) and came up with 43-67-29.

Maybe it'll work later, maybe it won't, I just know I won't be so dismissive in future...