Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Panatrog Busted Open!

Once again, another HUGE update was made while me and the rest of the UK was asleep.

First, there was a new video from Lexi where she talks about dreams and her dad and, most importantly, a riddle.

The riddle is pretty easy, since there's really only one answer. You should have three words (the second is pluralised). It looks like they might fit nicely into the Panatrog website, no? Of course they do, so head on over there and whack those babies in. Bingo bango, Panatrog is open!

Bear in mind that the fifth light on The Secret Device is illuminated, so we're looking for a code too. This didn't immediately smack me in the face, but rest assured that the code is there on the first page you see.

Have a peruse around the website, especially taking in the new video, then go over to The Secret Device and tap in the code. Bam, a history of troll markets (which you can also download, wanna bet this'll come in handy later?).


Alison Robin said...

Awesome! I'm going to comb the text for some clues...

Why do you think they put Johann on the cover?

Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

Im so slow... I didnt even twig that that was Johann... well spotted :)

Put a little Johann themed treat up too.

Alison Robin said...

No prob, you've got a fantastic blog going here. I even have it bookmarked. ;)

The other thing I noticed from the PDF is that in the last "photo" the troll baby is holding a rat, and there's a tooth fairy doll on the floor.

What do you think the big critter behind them is?