Thursday, 29 May 2008

8th Code Active (And Solved)!

The 8th code just went active, and thanks to liam for making me highlight what turned out to be the solution a couple of posts ago (have a little look at the post on the last dutchfelines vid).

We get another creature to have a look at, another 'hidden' rune (C) and, most interestingly, a message written in runes that appear one at a time. For those who want to work it out, I'm about to show the translation so SPOILERS on.

Still here? Look away if you don't want to be!

The runes read 'QUEST SHAUN'. What this means, I don't know, I just figured it out and haven't yet given a lot of thought as to what it applies to - my first thought is that it's somehow meant to fit in with the other word we've been getting a letter at a time (i.e. the one that's obviously gonna spell UNLOCK). Maybe we're supposed to 'unlock shaun quest'?

Stay tuned for more.

UPDATED - A big thanks to the HETFETters who dropped me a line about this! I managed to catch this one just as it went live so was eagerly chipping away at the puzzle before I had a chance to see that you guys had told me about it. And a huge well done to all of you too, after checking HETFET I see that a few of you beat me to it by about half an hour :)

UPDATED AGAIN! Lilitu over at HETFET spotted some numbers in the top right of the latest TSD reward: 837243 (you have to look pretty carefully, I'm glad someone's got eagle eyes). Maybe it'll come in handy, who knows?


tara said...

The runes lead to this YouTube site:

i am at work - so my video powers are not what they should be. i appeal to your great technology to make sense of this!


Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for the 8th code but is not working on my machine do you have an idea why?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a troll market to me. Good find!

Crimsong19 said...


This (above) was the description for QuestShaun's video se_gway (probably SE Gateway). Anyone good at cracking this kind of stuff?