Tuesday, 29 April 2008

All about the ARG/Viral

This is going to be a kind of 'Hellboy ARG' guide for beginners, a launching pad so people can get up to speed.

It all kicked off when the Hellboy 2 trailer was released on the movies official website (www.hellboymovie.com) - at the end of it is the following picture:

Save the Trolls. Join HETFET.org

(that's a working link that'll take you to the site by the way)

Initially, hetfet.org didn't have anything on it, just the logo and a limerick about a countdown. Over the next couple of days we noticed that the limericks would change, until we had five different ones randomly appearing each time you refreshed the page (I'll post an update with the limericks in full later). Anyway, the last limerick indicated very heavily that something would happen on April 19th. Which it did. Hetfet.org opened up and became the site you now see today.

It's a pretty cool looking site, but (I don't know about anyone else) I was immediately drawn to 'The Secret Device' element on the front page. That's probably because it's an involuntary human reaction to look at signs like 'secret', 'forbidden', 'do not enter', 'danger: risk of electrocution and death' and be uncontrollably drawn towards them, ignoring any warning it might imply.

The device is here:


As you will see, it's a combination lock. Just a very pretty one. The first code was practically handed to us on a plate, as the first thing we all started doing was spinning the numbers, and after a few seconds of doing that we realised the lights lit up on certain numbers. We lit all three lights up with the code 7-11-8 (release date of Hellboy 2) and we were given a new website to check out:


Lexi Lloyd's blog. She's a girl who's very into fairies and being eco-friendly etc. A link on one of her blog entries takes us to her YouTube page, which is where most of the good stuff has been so far:


This was her first video:

At first there was a little bit of doubt over whether she was even part of the game, but a couple of videos later we got this:

Those numbers at the end look suspicious....? That's right, they're a new code for The Secret Device (you gotta rearrange them so it's 12-23-44 - Hellboy's birthday)!

That then led us to:


with a password entry that, as of yet, no-one has been able to crack. We've also had a report on Augustine Pharamaceuticals from hetfet, discussing a new beauty product called 'uthyntrol', which led us to:


which has only a scrap of information which so far we haven't found a use for. Recently, hetfet posted a report on Fairy Farm Factories (FFF's), but again, no clues have been spotted. Finally, you might have noticed the lights at the bottom of The Secret Device. These have been lighting up progressively to indicate that a new code is active (i.e. when hetfet first opened, only the first light was illuminated) - there are now three lights lit up, which means a third combination is active, we just haven't discovered it yet. Lexi recently posted another video, but we've again come up short on the hunt for clues within it.

And that's where we are up to now :)

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