Monday, 30 June 2008

Johann & Chuck Vs. Red!

Here're some new clips for your viewing pleasure - the first two come from Latino Review and JoBlo respectively, I suspect everyone will love the first one in particular. The third clip is one I found on YouTube, which, as a fan of both properties being advertised here, is amazing to me.

JoBlo Tooth Fairy Clip


Anonymous said...

that youtube spot is sooooo good! just two guys playing video games! GREAT!

Alison Robin said...

The bit with Johann and Hellboy was unnerving for me... in the comics, Johann is a very pleasant guy. It's strange to see him get into a fight, and without his suit I would think he'd be more frightened than angry. The only time in the comics where his suit broke, he put his ectoplasm into a dead dog so he wouldn't drift apart and die.