Sunday, 29 June 2008

This Just In: Hellboy 2 Is AMAZING*

Another glowing review over at AICN, from someone who went to Guillermo's premiere - I especially like the part where he compares the feeling he got from seeing this film to the feeling he got the first time he saw Star Wars: A New Hope. Maybe he's over-exaggerating, but even so, that right there tells you that this movie isn't 'yeah, it's really good' good, it's 'ohmygod this is the reason my eyes and ears exist' good.

And Devin over at CHUD gives it an 8.5 out of 10 with yet another stellar review.

I'd like to make a little disclaimer here - you'll notice that I haven't yet posted any reviews that are less than fantastic, because the fact is that as of yet there are none. I'm actively and constantly scanning the internet, posting literally everything I find on the movie - meaning if I should happen to find any negative reviews or reactions then I'll share them on here with all of you but, on the basis of what we've seen so far, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for one.

Also, this is the 100th post! Drinks are on the house!

*note the reference to a legendary episode of The Simpsons - 10 points to anyone who can name either the episode or what was being referred to as 'AMAZING'.


Alison Robin said...

I'm blanking on the Simpson's thing... is it the episode where Bart gets the protective plastic ball to roll around in?

Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

Nope. It's a Homer-centric episode. Guest stars a guy who likes to fight mummies.

Alison Robin said...

I'm blanking. Tell me, pleeease.

Hellboy's Big Red Blog said...

OK :)

I forget the name of the episode, but it's the one where Homer goes on a huge health kick and starts hitting an all-night gym. He becomes friends with Rainier Wolfcastle, who at the same time falls out with the execs of a power bar he's the face of (a bar which Homer has been eating almost religiously since he started working out, it's called Power Sauce). So then Homer ends up becoming the face of this bar, and to promote he's asked to climb the highest mountain in Springfield, which he does almost purely to earn Bart's respect.

The line was from Brendan Fraser, who plays one of the Power Sauce execs - in a commercial made to look like a news bulletin, he says 'This just in; Power Sauce is AMAZING!'.

Anonymous said...

Ha, that was the dumbass that got bitten by a rattle snake!