Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hall Of Fame & Winners!

So, on kranix' and Darriann's suggestion over at the HETFET forums, here's a post celebrating the winners of the sweeps, and the people responsible for breaking each code:

(at the moment this post will be incredibly sketchy until I can research who actually broke each code, any help is appreciated)

Sweeps winners (premiere):
Sweeps winners (posters): OogieBoogie & bfunk00

Code Breakers:
Code 1: Didn't need to be broken. Anyone with eyes could figure it out.
Code 2:
Code 3: As far as I know, this was all on Pikachuchu.
Code 4: Jason S let me know - I don't know if he was first or not.
Code 5: Padraic & Mycroft
Code 6: Laurabelle & Peshmode, and Alison (who was on the right track, whether she knew it or not).
Code 7: Truffula
Code 8: I'm gonna say liam, since he pointed out the frame as soon as we got that video.
Code 9: Me! (although I'm open to contests against this).
Code 10: Zero

PANATROG Passphrase: butterchik

Disclaimer: like thebruce says, there may have been people who cracked the codes before all of these guys, who perhaps weren't posting on HETFET - in which case this is a list of people who were first to report that they'd cracked it. Not that that should make you all feel any less proud of yourselves :)


thebruce said...

don't forget that there could have been people not on the hetfet forums that may have unlocked some earlier... just sayin' ;)

Darriann said...

So far from what I can tell,code 5 goes to Padraic and or Mycroft.

Darriann said...

thebruce got the glitch code for 7.

Darriann said...

Looks like Zero got #10

Darriann said...

Thanks to Oogies post on page 9 in Codes,Vids and Clues in the Soilers section,it was truffula that got the 7th code after the glitch code.

Darriann said...

And I believe that butterchik got the PANATROG password before anyone else.

Laurabelle said...

Sowasred, for Code 6, can you change "Laurabelle" to "Laurabelle & Peshmode" ? We got the code together. Zero reported the 10th code.

Alison Robin said...

Thanks! :3

Crimsong19 said...

thanks, sowasred.