Friday, 20 June 2008

More Goodness

As promised, here's some more production sketches, one of a door that has an air of TSD about it and another of some glasses we're already familiar with. Plus, a bio on everyone's favourite lady of the flame.

Character Bio Liz Image

Troll Market Door Image

Troll Market Door
Francisco Ruiz Velasco: Only magical beings have access to the Troll Market, which has been hidden from human eyes for centuries. This is the door that leads to the market. It's like a huge safe mechanism that only few know how to open.

Originally, this door was conceived to be inside an underwater chamber that led to the Golden Army chamber. Later on, Del Toro decided to create a variation of the door for the Troll Market.

Prototype Image

Glasses Prototype
{Francisco} This was designed by Pablito Angeles based on Guillermo’s sketches. It’s a device that makes it possible to look through magical spells and reveal hidden things of the fairy world.

GDT: Fairies use a "glamour" effect to hide themselves so the optical device removes that effect and shows the "true" nature of things. For the geeks, this is a riff on several classic pulp fantasy stories that use similar devices.

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Alison Robin said...

I'm glad they put in her mantra. In the comics, when Hellboy quit his job at the BPRD, Liz went to a temple in the Ural mountains to learn to control the fire. She got really good at it, and her mantra became, "The fire is not my enemy. It is a part of me. It is mine." She even learned to make it do cool zigzag shapes and stuff.