Thursday, 19 June 2008

New Goodies!

It's been a little bit quiet on the HB2 front since the game ended - but it's back in force! What we have here is loads of pretty stuff to look at, a new video, wallpapers etc - and there's a lot more to come, which I'll be adding over the next few days so as not to overwhelm everyone all at once.


(edit: I haven't learnt enough about html to be able to switch autoplay off on the trailer, so you're gonna have to go down there and pause the damn thing if you wanna watch the Creature video... sorry!)

wallpaper_7_1024x768 Image

wallpaper_8_1024x768 Image

Troll Barber Image

Prince Nuadas Spear Image

Prince Nuada's Spear
Francisco Ruiz Velasco: This drawing is an early version of the Prince's spear, created by Pablo Angeles. The main idea was for the spear to be a kind of telescopic device, so when it is short it can be used as a double-bladed sword and then extend to a spear.
All the weapons of the Elf royalty are richly decorated. We were trying to stay away from Celtic motifs and create our own patterns. In the end we moved the design toward more Oriental and Islamic ornamentation.

Council 2 Image

GDT: This is a sketch by Francisco Ruiz Velasco but it is created around a real existing location. Like in PANS LABYRINTH I decided to go for a crepuscular, warm palette in the Fantasy realm (reds jiving with Hellboy) and leave the real world in blues, greens and greys. I did a quick sketch of the "Throne" that was part of a boiler and asked Francisco to "echo" a halo behind the king's head, which we introduce in the PROLOGUE. As we scouted locations we found a locomotive cemetery / repair yard and photographed the boiler part of some old engines and lined those up on the walls to create a "hallway" feel. Incongruously, I wanted gold petals to be falling from above- a magical, crazy touch.

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Alison Robin said...

I would not trust that barber with my hair. Ever.

Also, did you notice in the video that there's no furniture? What's up with that?