Friday, 6 June 2008

I Take ONE Night Off...

So last night I decided I'd go out, live my social life. Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I got these Twitter updates all through the evening from QuestShaun:

the sum

a final


of parts

you have the key

stack the codes

I couldn't really cut the evening short, but I was cursing the heavens that the game was obviously kicking off in my absence...

So, to catch up.

The last two Panatrog documents are up, you'll find them in the post in the right hand column. There's also a new video on the site, showing some Men In Black type dude 'cleaning' Lexi's room.

The Twitters referred to EVERY PREVIOUS CODE. If you take the sum of every first digit, then every second, and finally every third, then add the digits in each result (so the first sum is 203, which boils down to 2+3= 5), you get 5-1-3.

This'll then lead you to another puzzle, for which you'll need the Rune Chart (again, this is in the right hand column). You want to 'UNLOCKHBII'. Then you'll be treated to a little congratulatory message, and given the link to the sweeps.

You'll also get this, which is VERY cool (and thanks to 'anonymous' for uploading it!):

Find more videos like this on The Movie Community

I'm still trawling through other bits and pieces to see if I've missed anything (there are some numbers on the bottom left corner of the final Panatrog document that interest me for example), I suspect we haven't seen the last of Lexi (or at least I hope not) - but very well done all of you guys, it's been a brilliant ride and I wish all of the US players the best of luck in the draw!


Anonymous said...

you're welcome! btw, that was me who posted that vid on that site in the first place. Youtube wouldn't let me! wish me luck in the contest! already entered on Tuesday!

Alison Robin said...

Red has the cutest little voice! I was going to say something last night (US time) but I didn't want to spoil the ending for you.

nightmare said...

the links on your site to the bigger version of the documents won't work. basically im asking if u can make it so i can read them.