Wednesday, 4 June 2008

It's All Kicking Off

Thanks to Corey for emailing me about this video (for some reason it didn't appear on my subscription updates...)

Running those three binary codes through the tool that thebruce pointed out to us the last time QuestShaun posted a video (the tool is here) gives you the following:

Title: manning
1st Line: stop them
2nd Line: find the photo


This post is gonna be a little messy, since it's all happening right now.

So 'find the photo' refers to this Photobucket account, with lots more base64 code hidden and jumbled up (thanks to djchristensen at HETFET for finding this). This'll give you:

d 2U gbX VzdC BpbnR lcmNlc HQgdGhl IGNyb3du

which translates to 'we must intercept the crown'.

You'll also find that QuestShaun has a Twitter account, and so does Manning866. Manning866 leads to a phone number (866-MAN-NING I believe, I dialled it, and the code you'll need is the 8th code, but I can't get any further since I'm UK based and therefore my number is longer than 10 digits - it's all on you lot!)

As if that wasn't enough, as I have been writing this, QuestShaun has Twittered twice with two more base64 codes:

1: cmUtdmlldw
2: cmUtY29kZQ

which translate to 're-view' and 're-code'. Sounds like a push to me.


The code is there, in the base64 code! (take the numbers from the photo and the twitter updates... that's all I'm saying).


QuestShaun twittered ' YSBsaXRlcmFsIHBlcnNwZWN0aXZl' 'dGhlIHBob3RvIGlzIGtleQ' and 'YSBiYXNpYyByZXNwb25zZQ', which translates to 'a literal perspective' 'the photo is key' and 'a basic response'...

REALLY LATE UPDATE (on account of I need sleep occasionally)

More twitters from QuestShaun:

'01110100011010000110010100100000 011100110111010101101101' and
'01101111011001100010000001110000 01100001011100100111010001110011'
in binary translates to 'the sum' and 'of parts'

There was also this video from QuestShaun:

With the base64 'YmxhY2t3b29k' which translates to 'blackwood'.

(and thanks to Liam in the comments for pointing it out!)


OK, so that seems to be everything. Except maybe this, a photobucket account belonging to lexivision that we need a password to access. I'm not sure if this is part of the game or not (and loads of you guys have already tried a bunch of passwords with no luck), but might be worth keeping an eye on.

The 10th light is active, so either we're missing something, or there's more to come. Either way, expect a fresh post as soon as I get wind of any new developments.


Alison Robin said...

Lexi! Nooo! D:

I warned her.

liam said...

hi again!... so theres this video in shaun quest account, and is the photo from the photobucket, but it has a code in base 6:

it translates to blackwood...

that's all

Alison Robin said...

@ Liam:

Good catch! Blackwood is the auctionhouse in the beginning of the trailer where Nuada and Wink burst in uninvited.

liam said...

thanks... also, i went to Panatrog and the last 2 documents are up... not sure if this was posted or not. They talk mostly about Shaun and Lexi.

Anonymous said...

don't know if this had been mentioned, there are numbers on the side of the last panatrog document